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All items are handmade by jennip98. I enjoy being “crafty” and most items I make are one-off unique creations that I gift to family and friends. But some of my handicraft is available for sale on the Cre8ive Artisans Pod.

Cre8ive Artisans Pod - Not for Profit

I donate some of the items I make to the Cre8ive Artisand Pod, a community not-for-profit online shop based in Perth, Western Australia. 100% of the profits from the sale of items are donated to social enterprises or charities.


Hello, my name is Jenni Parker and I created this website as a historical archive of my creative learning journey.

I enjoy being crafty and I love seeing other people’s creative artworks as they inspire me with new ideas for my crafty creations. 

Enjoy your visit and hopefully, some of my handicrafts may inspire your own crafty creations!


Suncatchers, Christmas Ornaments in a range of designs and colours

Cre8ive Artisans Pod

The Cre8ive Artisans Pod is a not-for-profit online shop that sells handcrafted items. All profits raised from the sale of items is donated to social enterprises or charities to help people in need.

Current profits are being donated to the Siem Reap Food Bank

The Siem Reap Food Bank was started by Naret Chhoy, the Director/Trustee of Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village (GFTV) to help feed hungry families impacted by COVID-19. More info…

Check out my craft items available for sale on the Cre8ive Artisans Pod Online Shop. Your purchase will make a big difference to the lives of many people struggling to feed their families.

DIY Kit – Sandals (White). Crochet your own casual summer sandals with rubber soles.

Crochet Workshops

Crochet workshops for beginners and novices who would like to expand their skillsAll profits from the workshops are donated to the Siem Reap Food Bank in Cambodia.

  • Beginners – Learn how to crochet basic stitches (single, double & treble crochet)
  • Novices – Learn how to crochet sandals, hats etc.
  • Price – $30 per person  | Duration – 3 hours (min. 2  & max. 8 people per workshop 

Join one of the scheduled workshops, or contact Jenni (jennip98@gmail.com) to arrange a private workshop.